Data Policy

Healy routinely collects underway bathymetry (single beam), sea surface temperature, conductivity and meteorological data, which, along with navigation data, are not considered proprietary. In the absence of other guidance from the funding source, the chief scientist may place a two-year proprietary hold restricting access to other data collected by Healy (including but not limited to: multibeam, sub-bottom, ADCP, CTD and XBT/XCTD), otherwise the data will be made publicly available expediently Before debarking from the ship, each chief scientist will receive two sets of data on digital media, which will include data from all of the vessel’s shipboard data acquisition systems. All underway data systems will be operated (and data archived) up until the end of each leg when the ship is anchored, or docked (or enters a foreign EEZ without a research clearance) (science seawater may be shut down in harbors). The exact definition of "end of data collection" for each leg will be reviewed with the chief scientist by the on-board support personnel shortly after the start of the leg. Requests for additional copies of the digital data set should be made by the Chief scientist during the cruise planning process. It may not be possible to create additional copies if requested during a leg. PI’s funded by NSF are required to submit data copies to the National Archives (Policy for Oceanographic Data, NSF 94-126). The Office of Polar Programs also has a data policy.