Medical Policy

All members of the science party are required to submit a medical questionnaire at least 30 days prior to embarking. A doctor's signature is not required. Any civilians planning to sail on Healy are also required to review the Medical Screening for Embarking Civilian Personnel. An excel version of the medical form can be downloaded here

Forms can be returned to the Medical officer by email (preferred) or mail. Email size limit for sending medical forms is 250k. Forms can also be mailed to: Medical Officer USCGC Healy (WAGB 20) 1519 Alaskan Way S Seattle, WA 98134 Mailed forms must arrive before the ship gets underway from Seattle, WA.

Please get an acknowledgment after sending the form. You can contact the Executive Officer if you have any questions. The information submitted will be confidential, and all forms will be destroyed once the person debarks from Healy.

For individuals embarking on Healy for less than a week in waters South of the Aleutian Islands a short form medical screening can be submitted.

Forms & Documents

Civilian Medical Screening Form