Diving Policy

This release provides role clarity for dives conducted by scientific divers aboard United States Coast Guard Polar Icebreakers ("Polar Icebreakers"). Scientific divers embarked on Polar Icebreakers may conduct diving operations in support of their science mission. Scientific diving operations are specifically exempted from commercial diving regulations. Divers must be certified by either the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Diving Program or an organizational member of the American Association of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). Certification shall specify the diver's depth, equipment, and environmental limitations. Divers must request authorization from the unit they will be embarked by submitting this form a minimum of three months prior to the deployment. Divers shall conduct diving operations in accordance with the protocols of their certifying authority. The USCG is not supervising the dive in any manner whatsoever. The USCG exercises no control over the dive. The USCG assumes no responsibility for the dive.