General Isotope Lab Van Policy

Science programs on Healy requiring a general purpose lab van or an isotope lab van are advised to contact the Healy Marine Science Coordinator to ensure that a UNOLS van pool request is initiated as soon as possible. In 2009 NSF funded the construction of a UNOLS general purpose van and an isotope van which are intended for Arctic use and Healy has the first right of refusal. Other vans are first come first serve so it is advised to identify the need early in the cruise planning process. The ultimate responsibility for obtaining a van is with the PI of the project itself.

The Chief scientist and PIs are encouraged to review the UNOLS VAN SHARED-USE AGREEMENT. In the case of deploying a UNOLS shared use van on Healy the “User” is defined as: the Principal Investigator and his/her science project itself.

UNOLS van pool schedules can be found at:

  1. West Coast Van pool
  2. East Coast Van pool

It is important to note that stable isotope laboratory work is not permitted inside the skin of the ship and therefore a UNOLS isotope van, or equivalent, will be required.