Specs & Layout


  1. Outboard Profile
  2. Aft A-Frame
  3. Stb A-Frame
  4. Cargo Hold one
  5. Cargo Hold two and three
  6. Sonar Wells
  7. Van positions
  8. Healy Main deck labs
  9. Main Lab
  10. Bridge (05) Layout
  11. 04 Level
  12. 03 Level
  13. 02 Level Science Berthing
  14. Main Deck & 02 Van Locations
  15. Bow Deck Layout
  16. Fantail Deck Socket Layout

Machinery Specs

  1. Central Power Generating Plant and AC/AC Cycloconvertor Propulsion Drive
  2. Machinery Plant Control & Monitoring System (MPCMS) - providing automated control of machinery plant
  3. Fixed Pitch Propellers
  4. Twin Rudders
  5. 2400 kW Auxiliary Generator
  6. 2200 HP Bow Thruster and Bow Wash System
  7. Cranes - 5 hydraulically operated, 100% coverage of working decks, with exception of forward van locations on boat decks. Each has different reach/weight limitations.
  8. Pollution Control:
    1. OWS
    2. Incinerator
    3. CHT System
    4. Trash Compactor
    5. Anti-roll Stabilization Tank

General Spec

Vessel Data & Contact Information for the Healy
Country: USA
NODC Code: 33HQ
Call Sign: NEPP
Owner: US Coast Guard
Operator: U.S. Coast Guard
Address: 1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, Washington 98134
Telephone: 206-217-6300
Email: D13-DG-CGCHealy-MSO@uscg.mil
Year Built: 1999
Main Dimensions
Length OA: 128m
Breadth: 25m
Freeboard to working deck: 4m
Max. draft: 9.4m
Main Vessel Activity
Main Activity: Research support in Polar regions, including logistics, search and rescue, ship escort and more
Operating Area: Polar Regions
Capacities and Working Spaces
Gross tonnage: 16000 GRT
Dry cargo holds: 567 m3
Fuel: 4621 m3
Wet Labs Area: 36 m2
Dry Lab Area: 14.2 m2
Fresh Water Generator Capacity: 600 m3/day
Free Working Deck Area: 1933 m2
Space for container lab: 10 m
Range, Speed, and Endurance
Range: 16000 nautical miles
Cruising Speed: 12.5 kts
Max. Speed: 17 kts.
Officers: 12
Other crew: 63
Scientists: 50
Air Conditioned: Yes

Sewage holding tank retention- 48 hours with out pumping.  Can be extended by 24 hrs with water restrictions (secure laundry, sea showers and paper plates).

Data Processing Equipment
Computers: Sun, Mac, PC Computer
Coring Specifications
Coring Capabilities Aboard: Yes
Diving Support
Diving Capabilities: Dive Locker & Portable Recompression Chamber
Engineering Design Particulars
Ice Breaking Ability: 1.4m@ 3 knots and 2.44m backing and Ramming
Hull Materials: Steel
Engines: Main engine(s): number: 4, make: Sultzer 12Z AU40S, Power (BHP) each engine: 15000 at 130rpm, Propeller Diameter: 4.87 m, Max. RPM: 147, Total power auxiliary diesels: Unknown HP
Electrical Systems: AC Voltages: 0 / 450V /0V, Phases: 3, Frequency: 60 Hz, Stabilized System: VAC AMPs Hz
Fixed Equipment
Navigation and Communication
Navigational Equipment: Radar, Gyro, GPS, DopLog
Communications Equipment: Fax, SatCom, HF
Steel Wire Length: 10000 m, (safe working load): 3.7 tons
Trawl winch length: 14000 m, (safe working load): 8.1 tons
Position: Midships
Clearance above deck: 7 m
Safe working load at maximum reach: 3 tons
Position: 100% of Working Deck
Safe working load at maximum reach: 5
Vessel Construction and Maintenance Supervision
Construction Supervised by: Litton-Avondale Industries, Inc
Others, Specify: IMO# 009083380