Science Data Acquisition

STARC provides a system called METacq for MET sensor acquisition and display. The METacq computer has been installed in the Computer Lab and all the met feeds from different sensors on the ship have been run to this new data acquisition computer. The monitor, keyboard and mouse for the METacq computer is on the same bench as the Knudsen and EM122 control and display area in the Computer Lab.

The METacq system is a Labview program.

There is also a computer located on the Bridge that is running the same version of the labview METacq software. The METacq computer on the Bridge is set up to receive a realtime UDP data stream from the main METacq computer in the Computer Lab. The METacq computer on the Bridge displays MET data on the Bridge console in realtime from the UDP data sent out on UDP Port 40119.

The main METacq computer in the Computer Lab also supplies a RS-232 serial output to both Scoreboards on the main deck (Stbd and Aft). The output data is controlled by a toggle switch on the METacq WINCH display page.

The current version of METacq software is V2.10M (METacq.exe) and the current text configuration file for METacq is HLY12C.acq (the .ACQ file sets up all the comm ports and calibration coefficients associated with each sensor attached to the METacq computer).