Ship Scheduling

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

  1. Ship Information
  2. Healy Ship Schedule (2014) (updated Jan 24, 2014)
  3. Healy Ship Schedule - condensed underway version (2014) (TBD)
  4. Archive of Healy Schedules

Dry Dock Schedules

Healy has regularly scheduled dry docks every three years. The most recent dry dock was fall 2009- winter 2010. During the 2009/10 dry dock Healy's multibeam echosounder was replaced. This involved cutting a new hole in the hull to accomodate a larger hydophone array

Healy's next dry dock will begin in fall 2012.

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Federal Fleet Schedules


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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA operates two ships. The Research Vessel Lake Guardian (R/V Lake Guardian) performs operations on the Great Lakes. The Ocean Survey Vessel Bold(OSV Bold) conducts operations on the East and West coasts, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. The mission of both vessels is to support EPA's efforts to monitor and assess the health of the Great Lakes, ocean and coastal waters

  1. R/V Lake Guardian
  2. OSV Bold

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NOAA Marine Operations (OMAO)

NOAA Marine Operations (OMAO) operates a fleet of ships that support a wide range of marine activities including fisheries surveys, nautical charting, and ocean and climate studies.

  1. Ship Information
  2. Ship Schedules
  3. NOAA Ship Tracker
  4. Atlantic Fleet Schedule contact
  5. Pacific Fleet Schedule contact
  6. Ship Time Requests

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United States Antarctic Program (USAP)

The United States Antarctic Program (USAP) carries forward the Nation's goals of supporting the Antarctic Treaty, fostering cooperative research with other nations, protecting the Antarctic environment, and developing measures to ensure only equitable and wise use of resources. The National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs (OPP) funds and manages the program on behalf of the U.S. Government.

Details on the ice capable research vessels currently in use by the USAP, ship schedules, and how to request ship time can be found on the following links:

  1. Ship Information and Schedules
  2. Ship Time Request
  3. Contact Information

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University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS)

The University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System, (UNOLS)  is an organization of 61 academic institutions, joined for the purpose of coordinating the academic fleet of oceanographic ships and research facilities.

Details on the 20 UNOLS research vessel, ship schedules, and how to request ship time can be found on the following links:

  1. Ship Information
  2. Ship Schedules
  3. Ship Time Request

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