Other West Arctic Vessels - 2012


Research Vessel Institution Dates Research Topic Cruise Documents
R/V Khromov Russian USA Rusulca program 2012-08-25 to 2012-09-16   Sampling locations
R/V Mirai Japan Agency for Marine/Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 2012-09-16 to 2012-10-16 Chukchi Sea sampling Cruise Track
R/V Araon Korea Polar Research Insitute 2012-07-26 to 2012-07-29   Cruise Track
R/V Xuelong The 5th Chinese Arctic Scientific Expedition 2012-07-10 to 2012-09-15   Cruise Track
R/V Louis S St. Laurent Canada Three Oceans Program (C3O) 2012-07-20 to 2012-08-02 NW Passage  
R/V Louis S St. Laurent Joint Oceans Ice Study (JOIS) 2012-08-03 to 2012-09-08 Beafort Sea and Canda basin  
R/V Sir Wilfrid Laurier Canada Three Oceans Program (C3O) 2012-07-04 to 2012-07-22 Victoria-Barrow  
R/V Sir Wilfrid Laurier ArcticNet moorings program 2012-09-25 to 2012-10-04 Beaufort Sea