Non-science request to sail on Healy

Request to Sail on HEALY: Updated Aug 5, 2013

In the course of HEALY's primary polar science mission, there are on occasion opportunities for people or small groups unaffiliated with the primary science mission to sail onboard the ship for national, educational, outreach or artistic objectives.  Please use this online form to request consideration by the ship's Executive Officer for permission to sail onboard HEALY for these purposes.

Please complete the following online form if you are interested in sailing on Healy.

All personnel sailing aboard HEALY must complete the medical screening form for review by the embarked Physician's Assistant.

If you have any questions about the logistics or embarking on HEALY or the science objectives and schedules, please contact the HEALY Marine Science Coordinator, David.Forcucci at uscg dot mil phone 206-217-6648.