Navigation Equipment

HEALY is outfitted with Sperry Marine's Voyage Management System (VMS). This system utilizes multiple heading, position, environmental, and navigation inputs to steer the ship along a desired course. Currently, HEALY has the following GPS receivers: GPS, DGPS, P-Code GPS, and 3-D GPS. Heading inputs include two gyrocompasses and the 3-D GPS heading information.

The ship is also outfitted with an electronic magnetic compass. A Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) is available for station keeping and slow speed transits (towing, dredging). HEALY's DPS attempts to do with props and a bowthruster what smaller ships do with fore and aft thrusters, so it has limitations. It was designed and built by ALSTOM and integrates the use of propellers, rudders, and the bow thruster to accomplish ship movement. DPS Limitations: At best heading in openwater, in a 20 kt wind, seas with a significant wave height of 4.0 feet and a 1 knot currents, HEALY shall be capable of maintaining a position of +/- 150 feet or 3% of water depth (whichever is greater) from a point or trackline and maintain a heading of +/- 5 degrees. The seas and wind shall be from the same direction, with the current from less the 45 degrees off the wind.

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