Shipboard Emergencies

While HEALY personnel will respond and handle all emergency situations onboard, there are some basic skills and information that will greatly aid in our ability to protect ourselves and the ship.

Material Conditions of Readiness

Conditions of readiness refer to how protected the ship is to possible damage from flooding, fire, or smoke. To prevent spreading of these conditions, the ship is compartmentalized using watertight and fire tight boundaries (hatches, doors, scuttles, etc.). You'll notice as you walk about the ship that all fittings are labeled with a large black letter X, Y, Z, or W. These letters represent the classification of this fitting and tell you when it can be open or must be closed. During normal underway conditions, CONDITION "Y" or YOKE is usually set onboard HEALY. This means that all fittings labeled X and Y must remain closed at all times (unless permission has been obtained from the engineering control center (ECC) to open the fitting). You will notice that there are several different symbols employed in this system, their explanations are as follows:

Photo: X-Ray (X)

X-Ray (X)

In order to open these fittings, permission must be obtained from the watch in ECC. X-Ray fittings provide access to lesser used spaces, but reduce the amount of protection to the vessel, and therefore must be logged open in our Damage Control Closure log. This information is especially useful in combating damage to the ship.

Photo: Circle Yoke

Circle X-Ray and Yoke

(X or Y, enclosed in a circle): These fittings may be opened without permission, but must be closed after use.

Photo: Zebra (Z)

Zebra (Z)

Designates fittings that can remain open for normal use but must be closed for emergency situations, and certain special evolutions (flight quarters, towing, etc.). These fittings provide the greatest protection and compartmentalization, and therefore are used in situations when damage has occurred or where there is an added risk of damage to HEALY.

Photo: William (W)

William (W)

Fittings which serve the ship's vital systems, such as cooling water, ventilation, and firemain systems. They are to remain open at all times, except to stop damage.

Yoke (Y)

These fittings must also be logged open by the ECC watch. If you spot a Yoke fitting open at any time, close the fitting, or contact a crew member to make the situation known.

General Emergency

In the event of any actual or potential emergency, your will hear the general emergency alarm and an amplifying announcement. All members of the science party, should immediately proceed to the Science Conference Room, closing all doors along the way to prevent the spread of smoke. Once onboard, you will receive an additional briefing on emergency procedures. Emergency drills will be conducted occasionally so as not interfere with science operations.