An integrated science winch and wire handling systems provide support of science operations on the cutter. The systems consist of two (2) Oceanographic Winches, a side-by-side double drum trawl/core winch, instrumentation sheaves, turning and over-boarding type sheaves. The oceanographic winches provide a multipurpose capability to support general oceanographic research over the stern or side of the vessel via weight handling frames. The two oceanographic winches provide drum interchangeability to handle 10,000 meters of 3/8 inch diameter torque balanced wire rope, 12,000 meters of 0.322 inch diameter Electro-mechanical cable and 14,000 meters of ¼ inch diameter wire rope. Two additional drums are provided with spooled cables for at-sea or dockside transfer from either storage or between winches.

While at sea transfers are possible, systems will be configured inport whenever possible. An additional feature of the drums is that the LeBus sleeves (a component that aids in efficient spooling of the cable onto the drum) may be interchanged within all drums. This allows any diameter cable to be installed on any drum, which in turn may be installed on either oceanographic winch.

The side-by-side double drum trawl/core winch provides multipurpose general oceanographic research, trawling and coring operations over the stern or side of the cutter via weight handling frames. The winch has the capability of handling, on either drum with interchangeability, 12,000 meters of 0.680 inch diameter EM cable and 14,000 meters of 9/16 inch diameter torque balanced wire rope. Interchangeability of cables on the drums is accomplished by relocating the LeBus sleeves between drums.

A CTD/Carousel System; Data Acquisition Terminal at the winch control station in the science conning station area interfaces with a deck unit to profile the conductivity, temperature, density and depth of the water.

Winch Groom Reports

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  2. Feb 2006 - InterOcean winch groom report
  3. Mar 2004 - InterOcean winch groom report