Finding Your Way

Each space onboard HEALY is designated with a compartment number that describes its location. The first number indicates which deck the compartment is on. The main deck is 1, with decks below numbered sequentially (2,3,4). Decks above the Main deck have a 0 preceding their number. So, from the Bridge down the deck numbers are 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 1 (Main Deck), 2 (Second Deck), 3 (3rd Deck), 4 (4th Deck), and 5. The second number indicates the forward frame of the compartment. Frames are counted along the ribs of the ship starting at the bow. Therefore, the second number tells you how far aft in the ship the compartment is. The third number indicates lateral location with respect to the centerline. 0 indicates that the compartment is amidships (on the center). Even numbers indicate the port side, odd numbers are used for starboard compartments. The larger the number, the further outboard the compartment. The fourth part of the compartment number is a letter or letter pair used to indicate the use of the space. Some of the more common compartment labels are:

Letter space

A Stowage Spaces AA Cargo Holds and refrigerated spaces F Fuel and lubricating oil storage L Living Spaces M Ammunition spaces Q All spaces not covered in other categories (includes labs) V Void compartments E Engineering spaces As an example, comparment 02-33-0-L, is on the 02 deck (2 decks above the main deck). The forward bulkhead of the compartment is at frame 33. It is located on the centerline of the ship, and it is a living space. If you were to use this information, you would find yourself in the science conference center/lounge.