Financial Information

Summary of the charges for the use of HEALY

The day charge of icebreaker use is normally funded by the sponsoring agency. Principal investigators submitting proposals to the National Science Foundation need not include day charges for ship time in their proposals, but they should submit a UNOLS ship time request (STR) requesting the use of HEALY for their project. 

Day charges commence from the day HEALY departs Seattle en route the port of embarkation for the science party and continue until the ship returns to Seattle. Where two or more funding agencies are involved, prorated shares of the daily costs for transit time will be agreed upon during the cruise planning process. Transit days to ports of science party embarkation will be calculated on a most efficient route basis. Any ship time stemming from diversions for Coast Guard purposes not related to the science mission will not be billed to the funding agency.

In-port days during science cruises for changing out science parties will split between the oncoming and off going science teams. In-port days for Coast Guard purposes not related to science missions are not charged to science users.

Lost scientific station time at sea due to weather or scientific equipment failure are chargeable days.

Science parties are expected to provide all consumable items of equipment or supplies associated with science project, unless arrangements are made with the ship.

Meal costs for science party members may be billed individually or as a group, depending on specific cruise arrangements. If billed individually, the ship’s cooks will provide monthly mess bills and a final statement on or near the day the science party is to depart ship. Science party members pay for meals at the same rate as Coast Guard personnel, at approximately $7.00 per day. Bills may be settled with a personal check (preferable) or with cash.

In addition to the vessel costs described above, projects funded by agencies other than the National Science Foundation (NSF) will also be charged for the STARC science and technical support provided to their cruise. Technical support for non-NSF-funded cruises on HEALY is provided by STARC using a reimbursement process that is managed by NSF through agreements established with each funding agency. Please contact Dr. Frank Rack (NSF Office of Polar Programs, Arctic Research Support and Logistics) at (703) 292-2684, or email <> for more information.