Office Supplies

General purpose office supplies

(This includes but is not limited to pens, pencils, postit notes, stenno pads, bubble gum, stenographers, erasers, markers, yellow pads, sticky notes, rulers, staplers, scisors, clipboards binder, floppy disks, blank CDs/DVDS, tapes, etc.) The science party should bring/ship/provide the items, quantity and quality that they think they need.

Printer paper and supplies

The ship provides commodity variety 8 1/2 by 11" printer paper for the installed ship's printers. If you have special needs, bring your own paper. We discourage large volume printing on board. If you are planning on reviewing a thesis, print it before you come.

Large format plotter paper

The ship provides ordinary (cheap) white matte paper for the installed large format (HP1055) printer/plotter on board. If you think you will need more than two rolls please include that need in your science planning form.