Healy - DI Water (Daylight Incubation)

A daylight incubation area on the forecastle (O2 level, near the rail) provide nearly unobstructed sunlight and auxiliary/uncontaminated seawater for temperature control. This area has the best sunlight exposure on the vessel while providing running seawater and minimizing distance from the sampling/laboratory areas. This area is capable of holding any of the following:

  • tray incubator (approximate size 4'x6'x12")
  • screened boxes (between 5 and 7 total; approximate size 4’x6’x12")
  • large volume tubs/trays (approximate size 2’x4’x18") tub/tray may be secured directly to deck using sockets provided.

Other incubation areas without sunlight could be located on the O2 level (Port Side) adjacent to the helicopter hangar. In addition, an area (12' X 8') just forward of the helicopter control station and aft of the stacks (O4 level) has been outfitted with auxiliary seawater. While this area provides adequate sunlight, due to its proximity to the machinery stacks, this area may be several degrees above ambient temperature. Scientists should note that none of these areas affords 100% obstruction-free direct sunlight exposure. Also, HEALY currently has limited capability to provide ambient sea water to locations needed, especially when operating in the the ice. Incubation arrangements must be addressed in the cruise planning process.