Five onboard cranes provide overlapping working circles that cover all areas of the working decks. All five cranes are hydraulically operated, with individual hydraulic power units. The Forward and 04 Level Cranes have telescoping booms. The aft main deck cranes have articulating booms. All cranes will handle rated loads at a minimum of 20 feet beyond the ship's maximum beam. The Forward Crane will service the entire forecastle at rated load. The 04 Level, Aft-Starboard and Aft Cranes handle cargo transfer between the flight deck, aft working deck and over the side handling Area.

Load capacity charts

  1. Forecastle crane 3 Tons (6,000 LBS)
  2. 04 Level Cargo cranes 15 Tons (30,000 LBS)
  3. Stbd Articulated aft working deck crane15 Tons (30,000 LBS)
  4. Port Articulated aft working deck crane5 Tons

2011 Crane testing Condition Found Reports

  1. Allied Systems Crane Reports
  2. Todd Shipyard Operational testing report using water weights
  3. Waterweight certificates


HEALY is equipped with two A-frames, one aft on the stern and one located on the starboard over-the-side handling area. Both are used to launch and recover oceanographic equipment and support running wire or cable from oceanographic winches. The A-Frames have a reach of 10 feet, both inboard and outboard of the deck edge. They have three attachment points, with the following rated working loads:

  1. Aft A-frame: 46,240 lbs. (center point)
  2. Starboard A-frame: 12,000 lbs. (center point)
  3. Intermediate attachment points on either side: 6,000 lbs
  4. 2011 Todd Pacific shipyard operational testing