Computer Resources & Science Network

This is a brief overview of the Shipboard Science Network computing systems capabilities on board USCGC Healy to aid in cruise planning. The Healy's science network infrastructure is composed of wired connections to the science lab and work spaces. Wireless access is also supported in science living areas as well as science lab spaces and the bridge.

Contact the ESU Polar Science Support Branch prior to your cruise to ensure that any additional resources that you will be bringing, or may need can be accommodated on the network. You can reach the shore side support staff at


The Healy's Internet connection while at sea is via Ku band satellites. This is an expensive and limited resource, and can be rendered useless to everyone if not managed appropriately. Our bandwidth has a guaranteed rate of 512 Kb/sec with the ability to burst for short periods to 1024Kb (compare with a typical home broadband connection of 7-10Mbs). This shared Internet connection is generally available to the science party as long as Healy is operating below 75N latitude. Between 75N and 80N, usability can suffer and degrade, and above 80N it is generally not available at all. Due to this limited bandwidth, Internet access is restricted on board Healy to shared use General Purpose workstations. Individual laptops will have access to local intranet resources, but not the Internet.

Email is restricted to 3Mb per message when operating with Ku band VSAT. When Healy is beyond the reach of Ku band satellite coverage email is still supported via Iridium but the size restriction is reduced to 200Kb.

For guidance on the use of the Healy Shipboard Science Network see the Acceptable Use Policy The following general usage statements shall govern the internet usage on board Healy by Science party members. The Healy Shipboard Science Network provides 11 general purpose (GP) workstations for Science party use. These machines have filtered Internet access. The Healy firewall is set to restrict access to gambling, hate sites, pornography, etc. We can add legitimate sites as exclusions to the filter database should you encounter a legitimate website that is being blocked. Bring it to the attention of the on board technician.

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The Healy Shipboard Science Network provides 7x24 email delivery with your shipboard account. Your email address while on Healy will be in the form of firstname.lastname(at) (e.g.paul.smith(at) The "first name [dot] last name" for your e-mail address is derived from the cruise planning form submitted by the Chief Scientist ( Please make sure that your name has been spelled correctly on this form. Any changes will need to be made by the Chief Scientist prior to the creation of your email account. Email accounts will be activated one week prior to the leg sailing date.

You are encouraged to set an "Out of Office" notification before you leave your home institution to let people know your temporary email address. Do not auto-forward your office or personal e-mail accounts to your Healy account. We can generally tell if this occurs and we will ask you to turn it off or we may block it at our shore server.

An example is: "I am presently at sea on the Coast Guard Cutter Healy. I will be away from my desk from mm/dd/yy to mm/dd/yy. During this time you may address email to me at the following address: “first.last(at)” While on board Healy my e-mail has a size restriction of 200KB including any text, attachments, and email headers. Please limit e-mail sent to this address to necessary correspondence which must be seen before I return." The size limitation may be set as low as 200Kb at high latitudes.

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Network Availability

The Healy Shipboard Science Network provides multiple network drops in science workspaces for Science party users to connect personal laptops and other visiting equipment. Please ensure your laptop software and antivirus clients are updated before you leave home. Consider buying and bringing an external USB drive to backup your machine while you're here. Please do not plan on using any Internet based disk drives, iDisks or similar network storage solutions to synchronize data between your laptop and shore. There is also 802.11b/g wireless access to the Shipboard Science Network in berthing and Science workspaces so plan on bringing your wireless enabled laptop, phone, tablet, etc.

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File Transfers

We can move files between the ship and shore by FTP if necessary. File transfer is allowed from the public workstations while we have Internet connectivity. At high latitudes we make provisions for file transfers via our shore facility using Iridium. Due to the very limited bandwidth over Iridium this must be coordinated with the on board network technician. Should you need to transfer files to, or pickup files from the Healy, you may contact for instructions. Persons on board Healy should contact the on board systems administrator for instructions.

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Authorization for User Accounts

Science Network user accounts may be created after being authorized by one the following:

  1. Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard icebreaker
  2. Coast Guard Pacific Area icebreaker Program Manager
  3. Chief Scientist of the current Science mission

User accounts requests may be made by the following methods:

  1. Science planning form on
  2. E-mail to embarked ESU admin, with CC to ESU Science Branch Chief

User accounts will be removed at the end of the cruise year. Files and email will not be saved.

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The Healy Shipboard Science Network has several HP M475 printers on the network which print in color, scan, and copy. There is also one large format printer in the Computer Lab. Toner supplies are limited so please do not plan on printing large documents.

Printer Location Printer Name Capability
Chief Scientist Stateroom ChiefSciMFP Print, Scan, Copy
Computer Lab ComputerLabMFP Print, Scan, Copy
Computer Lab CLabPlotter Large Format printing
Future Lab FutureLabMFP Print, Scan, Copy
Main Lab MainLabMFP Print, Scan, Copy
Science Library SciLibMFP Print, Scan, Copy

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