Healy Command Relationships & Roles

Shipboard relationships between the Coast Guard military structure and the civilian science personnel can seem complicated even for experience Arctic Scientists.  Please review the Command organization chart for an overview of the structure on Healy. 

Operational support and day to day planning of where the ship will go starts with the Operations officer who communicates directly with the Chief Scientist.  Any input from the science party is ususally provided to the Chief Scientist who will approach the Operations officer with the plan.  

"1800 planning meeting in the Cabin" - Each day after diner the chief scientist will meet in the Captain's cabin for a summary of the days operatons and planning for the next 24 hours of operations. This meeting is attended by the CO (Commanding Officer) and The XO (Exectutive officer), each of the department heads on Healy which includes: OPS (Operations Officer), EO (Engineering Officer) and SUPPO (Supply Officer).  The Marine Science Officer also attends and usually the MST chief.  A science technical support representitive also attends the 1800 meeting.

The Healy will sail with at least four Marine Science Technicians (MSTs).  MSTs are enlised Petty Officers who will most likely have very limited experience conducting oceanographic research at sea.  They typically are on board healy for a three year tour.  They will be on deck with the scientists and are managed by the Marine Science Officer (MSO).  MSTs will run the winches and will deploy over the side science gear.  At least one MST will be on deck at all times. 

Science technical support will be provided by Ship-based Science Technical Support in the Arctic (STARC) contract personnel.  This will include everything from sensor calibrations to data distribution for shipboard science systems.  IT and email support is provided by the USCG Electronics Support Unit (ESU).  This will include email accounts and network connections on the ship.  ESU also manages the satellite communications