Healy - Climate Control Chambers

Climate Controlled Chambers No. 1 (1-105-1-Q) and No. 2 (1-113-1-Q), each have 103 square feet of deck area. Entry to both chambers is through a 75 square foot vestibule located between them, which is accessed from the biological/chemical analysis Lab. Both chambers are independently capable of operating as either a cold room or warm room. The temperature range for both chambers is from -10 degrees to +35 degrees Celsius, with a tolerance of ±1 degree Celsius. Humidity is controlled over the range of 20 percent to 95 percent relative humidity, with a tolerance of ±5 percent, when chamber temperatures are above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The HVAC control system for the chambers provides filtered air and includes alarms for abnormal conditions. Temperature and humidity data is fed to the science data network.