Healy - 2012 Cruise Reports


Cruise Line Cruise Dates Chief Scientist/CO Research Topic
HLY12TA 2012-06-04 to 2012-06-08 Shakedown/Science: Seattle to Machester to Seattle  
HLY12TA 2012-06-13 to 2012-06-17 Shakedown: Seattle to Esquimalt  
HLY12TB 2012-07-30 to 2012-08-05 Transit: Seattle to Dutch Harbor  
HLY1201 2012-08-05 to 2012-08-25 Dr. Jackie Grebmeier BOEM
HLY1202 2012-08-26 to 2012-09-27 Larry Mayer US and Canada Extended Continental Shelf
HLY1203 2012-10-05 to 2012-10-25 Robert Pickart Shelf moorings- click for cruise track
HLY12TC 2012-10-27 to 2012-10-31 Transit: Dutch Harbor to Juneau  
HLY12TC 2012-11-07 to 2012-11-10 Transit: Juneau to Seattle