Healy- 2011 Cruise Reports

Google Earth view of all 2011 cruise tracks- click for PDF http://icefloe.net/files/HLY2011_tracks.pdf


Cruise Line Cruise Dates Chief Scientist Research Topic
HLY1101 2011-06 to 2011-07 Kevin Arrigo NASA ICESCAPE- click for cruise track-
HLY1102 2011-08-15 to 2011-09-28   US and Canada Extended Continental Shelf
HLY1103 2011-10 to 2011-10 Robert Pickart Beaufort Chukchi Shelf Moorings
HLY1104 2011-11-07 to 2011-12-16 Carin Ashjian Beaufort Chukchi Shelf Moorings