Handling and disposal of Shipboard Hazardous Material


Loading Hazmat chemicals on Healy

The online shipping form is where individual scientists are required to upload MSDS for all Hazardous Materials that will be brought on board Healy. This allows the MSTs and other onboard personnel to review the MSDS prior to the chemicals arriving so they can plan storage. Healy has a chemical storage locker in the main lab.  It’s size is limited so only regular use quantities are stored here.  Bulk quantities will be stored in their original packaging in locations TBD depending on the specific cruise requirements. 

Shipboard use of Hazmat chemicals

Shipboard handling and offload of Hazardous waste is the responsibility of the scientist.   Overboard disposal of chemical waste from onboard experimental analysis is only allowed with prior written authorization from the scientist's home institution Environmental Health and Safety Officer (EHSO).  Otherwise chemical waste from experiments will have to be stored in appropriate containers and off-loaded in port with arrangements coordinated by the scientist.

Over-boarding of chemical waste must meet EPA guidelines for disposal to a municipal waste water system.  The scientist's home institution EHSO is responsible for determining whether the waste water meets EPA guidelines.   It is prudent, but not required, to have waste water analyzed by an independent laboratory to verify its components and whether it meets the requirements to allow overboard discharge into the ocean.  Here is an example from ODF analysis of Nutrient and Oxygen analysis waste.  The results indicated that one of the nutrient waste streams was not put overboard.

Examples of HSO authorization for overboard disposal of experimental waste water:

Gluteraldehyde neutralization treatment
Seawater expermental waste
WHOI seawater experimental waste

Offloading Hazmat waste from Healy

Removal of Hazardous waste from Healy is the responsibily of the science program that generated the waste.  If the offload occurs at Pier 36 in Seattle, the USCG Base Seattle Hazmat number should be used and all manifests provided to the USCG as soon as practical.   Removal from Healy can be facilitated by contacting one of the following local companies:

Lucas Menendez
CleanPack Specialist
Clean Harbors
(o) 253.638.3549
(c) 206.200.0759


Contact the Healy Marine Science Coordinator
206 217 6648