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Healy - Cruise Planning Questionnaire

Submitted on November 08, 2017

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General Information
1. HEALY Cruise: //30Nov99-30Nov99
2. Cruise dates:
(Determined by the Cruise Number)
Start: November 30, 1999      End:November 30, 1999
Chief Scientist Contact Information
3. Your Name: Robert Pickart
4. Affiliation: No response
5. Funding Agency: No response
6. Grant Number: No response
7. Full Address: No response
8. Phone Number: No response
9. Email Address: rpickart at whoi dot edu
10. Fax Number: No response
Equipment Onload
11. Date and Time to Start Loading: No response
12a. Special Requirements for Loading or in-port logistics: No response
12b. If yes, Please list point of contact for in port logistics:
13. Cargo List:
No response
Additional File(s) Uploaded for Cargo List: 0
Filename File Size

Page 2

14. Brief Description of Operations Plan
Give a brief description of the area of operations and type of work to be done and science objective:
No response
Operational Plan
Cruise Tracks and Station Locations. Please provide as complete a description as possible. Include with this plan, or separately, a complete list of stations with ID, Latitude, Longitude, depth and other information such as type of sampling/operations as appropriate. Use the text box below or upload separate documents as needed.
15a. Upload a cruise track file (jpeg, pdf, gif, etc) here (required):
No response
15b. Upload additional files as needed:
Additional File(s) Uploaded for Operational Plan: 0
Filename File Size
15c. Operational Plan Description
No response
16. Will the vessel be operating within 200 miles of a foreign country? No response
17. Will you be contacting Native communities to inform them of your intended icebreaker research activities?   No response
18. Will Marine Mammal Protection Act, NEPA or Endangered Species Act consultation or permitting be required? No response
19. Description of Operations:

Provide as much detail as possible about the type of operations and sampling to be conducted, daily schedule and hours of operation, type of equipment to be used and any other information that will help us prepare for this cruise. Use additional pages or send corrected drafts as necessary. If this is a multi-investigator cruise, please include a list of Co-PI's who will be submitting operational science plans:

No response
Upload additional files for the Description of Operations as needed:
Additional File(s) Uploaded for Description of Operation: 0
Filename File Size
20. If your cruise involves any of the following, please check below:
Items marked * Require advance approval.)
Items Check
Multiple PI or Institution Cruise: No
24 hour science operations (Night Work?): No
Personnel Deployed on Ice: No
Hazardous Materials: No
Radioactive Isotopes: No
Stable Isotopes: No
Gasoline to run science equipment:No
Explosive Devices:No
Fire Arms:No
Flammable Gases:No
Portable air compressors:No
If yes, please indicate the power requirements: No response

Page 3

21. Diving Operations
Diving Operations:   No response
Number of Dives:
Will members of the science party be diving:  
Are you requesting USCG diver support:        
22. Small Boat Operations
Small Boat Operations: No response
Number of deployments expected: No response
Purpose: No response
Range in miles from the ship: No response
Payload size and weight: No response
Gasoline for Equipment: No response
23. Helicopter Operations
Helicopter Operations: No response
Passenger Transports:
Cargo Transports:
Payload size and weight:
Maximum hours/flight:
Average hours/day:
Number of flights:
Total flight hours:
Installation of sensors on Helicopter:
Describe flight operations:
Range in miles from the ship:
Average track miles for each sortie:
24. Deployment or Recovery of Moorings
Deployment or Recovery of Moorings:
Provide the Lat/Long/Depth of each mooring and a description:
Number of Moorings to deploy:
Number of Moorings to recover:
Min Depth:
Max Depth:

Page 4

Science & Crew
25. Total Number of People in Your Party: No response
26. Current Crew List
Name Institution Position Phone/Email Sex Date On Date Off Foreign Nat. Nationality
2 Pickart, Robert WHOI Chief Scientist 508-274-1952
rpickart at whoi dot edu
3 Lin, Peigen WHOI Post-doc/CTD watchstander
plin at whoi dot edu
4 Pacini, Astrid WHOI Student/CTD processor
apacini at mit dot edu
5 Tian, Fei WHOI Student/CTD watchstander
ftian at whoi dot edu
6 Li, Jianqiang WHOI Student/CTD watchstander
jianqiangli at whoi dot edu
7 Vage, Kjetil Univ. of Bergen Collaborating scientist TBD
kjetil dot vage at gfi dot uib dot no
8 Semper, Stepfanie Univ. of Bergen Collaborating student
Stefanie dot Semper at uib dot no
9 WHOI Moorings,
10 Dunn, Jim WHOI Lead Mooring Tech
jdunn at whoi dot edu
11 Bahr, Frank WHOI Mooring/Instrument Tech
fbahr at whoi dot edu
12 Microstructure,
13 Musgrave, Ruth WHOI Will not sail
rmusgrave at whoi dot edu
14 Meneghello, Gianluca MIT Post-doc/Microstructure (+1) 858 729 4581
mgl at mit dot edu
M Oct 23, 2018 TBD
15 Foukal, Nick Duke Univ. Post-doc/CTD watchstander 603-277-0210
nicholas dot foukal at duke dot edu
M Oct. 23, 2018 TBD
16 Fine, Effie Scripps 617-319-3299
ecfine at ucsd dot edu
F Oct. 23, 2018 TBD
17 Chlorophyll,
18 Stockwell, Dean University of Alaska Scientist/Chlorophyll
dastockwell at alaska dot edu
19 Lele, Ratnaksha Scripps Student/Chlorophyll 508-524-8901
rlele at ucsd dot edu
M Oct. 23, 2018 TBD
20 Radium,
21 Dabrowski, Jessica MIT Student/Radium 516-318-0577
jsdabrow at mit dot edu
F Oct. 23, 2018 TBD
22 Gupta, Mukund MIT Student/Radium 617-909-3402
guptam at mit dot edu
M Oct 23, 2018 TBD
23 HABs,
24 Fachon, Evie 401-464-1385
evie dot fachon at gmail dot com
25 Shankle, Madison Yale Watchstander 615-428-5902
madison dot shankle at yale dot edu
26 Upper Trophics,
27 Kuletz, Kathy USFWS Will not sail
kathy_kuletz at fws dot gov
28 Labunski, Liz USFWS Seabird Observer 907-360-6754
elizabeth_labunski at fws dot gov
F Oct. 23 2018 TBD
29 Stocking, Jessica USFWS Seabird Observer 980-729-7856
jessica dot stocking at gmail dot com
30 Oxygen/Argon Sampling,
31 Juranek , Laurie Oregon State Will not sail
ljuranek at coas dot oregonstate dot edu
F Oct. 22, 2018 TBD
32 Goni, Miguel Oregon State 541-231-4230
mgoni at coas dot oregonstate dot edu
M Oct. 22, 2018 TBD
33 Shipboard Technical Support,
34 Yang, Daniel
dyang at ucsd dot edu
35 Hirsch, Matt
mdhirsch at ucsd dot edu
36 Grenier, Briana
breezy dot grenier at gmail dot com
37 Lead,
38 Total Participants, 23
39 Sailing, 20
40 Not Sailing, 3
27. Dietary Requirements

Indicate the number of personnel with the following dietary requirements:
No Red Meat
Low Fat
Other comments:

Page 5

Equipment Needed
28. Please check (X) by equipment needed. If you have questions, or need assistance, please email STARC ( or
Cables Instrument(s) Instrument Wts Max Depth A Frame
[ ] .322"conducting cable (9k meters) [ ]AFT[ ]STBD
[ ] 3/8" steel cable (8k meters) [ ]AFT [ ]STBD
[ ] .680 coax conducting cable (9k meters) [ ]AFT [ ]STBD
[ ] 9/16" steel cable (14k meters) [ ]AFT [ ]STBD
[ ] Spare .322 conducting cable (12k meters on spare drum) [ ]AFT [ ]STBD
Will you be bringing your own winch and wire?
Describe use, size, and weight & power requirements below:

Page 6

29. Crane requirements:
  Anticipated use
[ ] Port Side Fantail Crane (Safe Working Load: 5 tons)
[ ] Starboard Side Fantail Crane (Safe Working Load: 15 tons)
[ ] 04 Deck Cranes (Safe Working Load: 15 tons)
[ ] Forecastle Crane (Safe Working Load: 3 tons)
Describe other lifting requirements here: (cranes have limited reach please consult the crane descriptions) No response
30. Deckspace Requirements
[ ] Vans [ ] Incubators [ ] Storage
Water Req
Seawater Req
Power Req
Describe all other Deckspace requirements here: No response

Page 7

31. Science Equipment and Lab Configuration
[ ] SeaBird 911 + CTD Use: No response
Depth - Min(m): Max(m): Approximate Number of casts planned:   
[ ] Redundant Temperature Sensors [ ] Redundant Conductivity Sensors
[ ] O2 Sensor, SBE43 [ ] Wet Labs Transmissometer, CST-DR
[ ] Fluorometer [ ] Altimeter
[ ] 24-place rosette with 12 Liter external spring Niskin bottles [ ] 12-place rosette with 30 Liter internal spring Niskin bottles
[ ] Biospherical QSP2300 PAR sensor O-Ring
[ ] Silicone [ ] Nitrile Buna-N
32. Expendable Oceanographic Probes (User supplied)
[ ] Hand launcher
Number of Launches:   No response
What probes will you be launching? (checked below)
[ ] XCTD [ ] XBT [ ] Other:
33. Science Seawater
[ ] AutoSal Salinometer
Use: No response
[ ] Seabird 45 Thermosalinograph
Use: No response
[ ] Fluorometer
Use: No response
[ ] Seabird SBE43 oxygen sensor
Use: No response
[ ] PCO2 System
Use: No response
[ ] Flow meter
Use: No response
34. Incubator Seawater (HEALY does not have Ambient temp seawater at flow rates > 5gpm)
[ ] Incubator ambient temperature seawater Flow rate (liters/minute):
Please indicate other seawater requirements: No response
35. Acoustics
[ ] Kongsberg EM122 1°x2° Bottom Mapping Echosounder
Use: No response
[ ] RDI OS150 ADCP
Use: No response
Use: No response
[ ] Knudsen 3260 CHIRP Echosounder
Use: No response
[ ] Benthos pingers
Use: No response
Please indicate other comments regarding acoustics: No response

Page 8

Science Equipment and Lab Configuration (continued)
36. Lab Equipment
[ ] DI Water (18 Mega Ohm)
liters/day required:
[ ] -80 °C freezers (2 @ 12 cu ft each)
Use: No response
[ ] Fume Hood (3 available)
Use: No response
[ ] Climate Control Chambers 10x9x6' (2)
Use: No response
[ ] Walk in Freezer/Reefer two @ 13x8x6'
Use: No response
[ ] Any Power Sensitive Equipment that you are concerned about
Please provide description: No response
37. Geophysical
[ ] Bell BGM-3 underway marine gravimeter
38. Meteorological
[ ] RM Young 85004 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors [ ] Eppley infrared Radiometer Model PIR
[ ] Eppley Spectral Pyranometer Model PSP [ ] Terascan Weather Satellite System
[ ] Biospherical QSR-2200 PAR sensor [ ] RM Young Air Temperature
[ ] RM Young Barometric Pressure [ ] RM Young Humidity Sensor
39. Communications
[ ] Email (Bytes/Day)
To Ship:    From Ship:   
[ ] Iridium Phone
Mins per day:   
[ ] Data/FTP (Bytes/Day)
To Ship:    From Ship:   
[ ] INMARSAT Phone (Mins per day):   
[ ] High latitude satellite connectivity >73 N (Bytes/Day)
From the ship:   
Explain other communications concerns and requirements:
No response
40. Coring
[ ] Jumbo Piston Coring
Use: No response
[ ] Gravity Core
Use: No response
Number of cores:
Number of cores:
Minimum depth:
Maximum depth:
Minimum depth:
Maximum depth:
Maximum core length:
[ ] Multicore
[ ] User provided coring equipment
Please provide description: No response