Electrical Power

Electrical power on Healy is different than what you are used to on shore. If you are bringing your own power strip to supply power to your equipment, the power strip must be able to isolate both legs of the 120VAC. If you have any concerns or questions about shipboard power, please contact STARC (shiller@ucsd.edu).

Approved UPS Information

APC makes several types of uninterruptible power supplies (700, 1500, and 3000 VA) for shipboard use. Only units that are marked for shipboard use are acceptable as these are ungrounded and equipped with switching to break both L1 and L2. The larger units are rack mounted. There may be other suitable vendors, but this is the one that I recall being quoted by MLCP(t) for backing up WHEC navigational electronics.

Approved Shipboard Surge Protectors

Surge protectors approved for shipboard use are identified as: Brooks Power Systems Model Z6(62P) and HFS, Inc. Both are listed under the same NSN: 6150-01-362-7192. Other approved surge protectors listed include: DSK, Inc., Model 5000 (no NSN), EFI Electronics Corp. Model MPS 453 EFI-120A (no NSN) and EFI Electronics Corp. Model MPS-6 (NSN: 6150-01-362-7192). All shipboard surge protectors must interrupt both line leads to prevent equipment damage during a surge.  Click here to view the April 8, 2013 US Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert about Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) on board Vessels.