Dive Support

HEALY normally sails with a dive team consisting of one dive officer and four dive team members. All are U.S. Navy trained. They are tasked with supporting science operations and conducting underwater inspections and carrying out a limited level of work on the ship’s hull and underwater appendages, if required.

The dive locker is located on the 02 level, port side, as part of the Hangar complex. It has a gross deck area of approximately 210 square feet. The dive locker is equipped with a shower, water closet, wet suit drying rack, six lockers, desk, stowage for 12 air bottles, bench, and a diving air compressor.

The ship carries a portable decompression unit located in the Medical complex. Diving in the Arctic environment is an unforgiving and potentially dangerous situation. However, with PRIOR arrangements and certification of the physical and technical capabilities of persons temporarily embarked on the ship, civilian diving from HEALY can be considered on a case by case basis. Diving needs should be expressed as part of the cruise planning process.