Deploying drifters and moorings

Any surface drifter or bottom mooring deployed from Healy North of Bering Strait (67N) needs to be reported to ARCTIC MARITIME SAFETY INFORMATION (AMSI).  The report can be submitted online at by clicking here. More information about AMSI can be found in this PDF.

Click here for NGA's has a website where HYDROARC reports are posted which contain details about Maritime hazards to surface ships and submarines in international waters of the Arctic and adjacent northern seas.

According to the Marine Polution Act (MARPOL) Annex 5 discharge provisions, plastic cannot be released into the Marine waters.

The World Meterologica Organization (, Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP), was established in 1985 as a joint WMO/IOC initiative. It was originally concerned only with drifting ocean data buoys, but in 1993 expanded its activities to also encompass moored data buoys on the open ocean. It addresses the requirements and needs for real-time or archival data from buoys, both drifting and moored, coordinates buoy deployments worldwide, and provides a forum for the exchange of technical and related information on buoy technology, communications systems and the applications of buoy data, to both operations and research.