Current Science infrastructure projects

STARC - Ship-based Science Technical Support in the Arctic
Scott Hiller - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA 92093
Tel: (858)822-6624  Email:

Computer Lab Renovation
         PDF with current SOW- dated Dec 2011
     1/10/2012 - SOW attached to a TCTO.
         Computer Lab TCTO

TSG / pCO2 System Relocation
          PDF with current design- document last revised Oct 2011
     1/10/2012 - project in final stages of approval process with SFLC
     1/27/2012 - project approved
         Final TSG spec PDF
     7/30/12 -  Ripout and installation drawings are complete and have been
                    forwarded to SFLC for final approval. A placeholder in the
                    2013 Drydock plan was submitted by the Engineer on Healy
                    to ensure the work would be done in the shipyard.

Winch display upgrade
          PDF with MTNW proposal dated Nov 2010
     1/10/2012 - project in final stages of approval process with SFLC
     7/30/2012 - MTNW has installed the new winch displays and problems
                      remain with the installation. When the Healy returns to
                      port in November, MTNW will fix the problems with the
                      new displays.

Future Lab Renovation
          PDF with proposal dated Nov 2011
     1/3/2012 - Proposal rewritten as a TCTO.
          TCTO for Future Lab
     8/20/2012 - Modificatons to the Future Lab are complete. No more
                     modifications are planned for this lab.

ADCP system - permanent location change
          PDF drawing
     1/5/2012 - Proposed relocation work approved by SFLC and ship's
                    crew will begin the welding and electrical work while the
                    ship is at sea.
     7/30/2012 - The new 19" rack has been welded in place and
                    the ADCP equipment has been moved into the new rack.
                    This location change project is now complete.