Cruise Planning Overview

Welcome to the US Coast Guard cruise planning site for Icebreaker science operations. This section of the web site includes information for scientists who plan to conduct research on Healy or the Polar breakers. 

Cruise Planning Process (For Chief Scientists)

Pre-cruise planning questionnaire

Pre-cruise planning meeting

Review the primer for conducting Research in the Arctic

PIM - Submit a Plan of Intended Movement (PIM) for cruise tracks where sea ice could potentially affect navigation

Medical - Ensure that the medical questionnaire is submitted for each individual sailing on the science leg

Shipments - Ensure that any and all shipments are documented on the shipping web page

Cruise Planning Process (For Scientists)

Medical - submit a competed medical questionnaire

Shipping - submit completed web base shipment forms for anything to be loaded onto Healy

Hazmat - include all MSDS on the shipping forms

Email & data transfer - read and understand the email and data transfer at sea

Radiation Safety - submit a competed radiation safety form for any RAD work planned on USCG ships

Non-US citizens- Submit a FVS form with 2 months lead time