Bow Tower

The bow tower sampling system provides for access, via a horizontal bow boom, to undisturbed water forward of the bow wake, for sample taking. The horizontal platform extends 15 feet forward of the bow. A vertical tower extending 30 feet above the bulwark provides for atmospheric sampling. The bow boom and tower assembly is of a modular design for ease of assembly, disassembly, and storage. The boom and tower can support 200 pounds of science equipment, along with two 250 pound persons in sea state 2. The bow tower requires considerable time and appropriate environmental conditions to erect, so potential use of the system should be addressed in the cruise planning process. Stuffing tubes are provided for transmission of wire from the boom or tower through the weatherdeck to a connection box that allows for data to be transmitted to the Main Lab. The transmission cables are as follows:

  1. 1 - 4 fiber fiber optic cable
  2. 6 - rg-58 coax cables
  3. 6 - rg-59 coax cables
  4. 1 - 19 shield pairs cable